Moving Forward

YAY! We have some forward movement on our homeschool entrepreneurial backyard farm project! After having to postpone starting our farm (life happens), for the last 2 seasons. We removed 2 pine trees that weren't in a good place and will plant fruit trees as replacements next season. In addition to completing a project. Our kids received a real-world STEAM lesson on tree removal from an engineer and mathematician. It took experience and a quick calculation for the tree not to go towards our neighbors fence (it was tense for a minute).

Enjoy the quick video of our tree coming down. I missed the shot with my iPhone, and was pretty unhappy about it. Lucky for me the 2nd camera caught the tree, unfortunately it also caught my annoyed attitude as did the kids. WELP. I’ll try better 🤦🏿‍♀️😆

Be well 💛✨✨✨


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Farming/Lifestyle photography by Scott Dressel Martin 

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