Our First Season In Bloom

Our first season of homeschooling, homesteading and harvesting is in bloom! Are we doing too much? Likely!

So many lessons have been humbly learned, I am extremely grateful for this experience! Its been challenging, healing and affirming in ways I never imagined.

Thank you for following our journey!

Be well馃懇馃従鈥嶐煂攫煈煆解嶐煢别煈煆解嶐煢别煣戰煆解嶐煢别煂库湪鉁ㄢ湪

Lessons learned so far...

  • Shade your plants, but don鈥檛 cook them

  • Water your plants, but don鈥檛 drown them

  • Plant extra seeds, but also thin them out

  • Dirt in raised beds settles

  • Vine plants have no chill

  • Kids thrive as they connect to the earth

  • Ask for help

  • Growing your own food is empowering聽

  • Crying waters the plants

  • Laughter heals your heart


Homeschooling and homesteading at Hampden Farms

Lavender at Chatfield Farms

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Farming/Lifestyle photography by Scott Dressel Martin 

漏 2020 by Hampden Farms.